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First-year teacher at Immanuel Lutheran earns Teacher of the Week honor


First-year teacher Dylan Teut never thought he would earn a teaching honor this quickly. But closing in on his first official full year of teaching, it's clear he's made an immediate impact on his students.

"For me, my first year, I think I'm more of a learner than a teacher," Mr. Teut says humbly, after receiving his Teacher of the Week award.

After graduating from Concordia University in Nebraska just recently, he packed his bags and took a job at Immanuel Lutheran as a first grade teacher and hasn't looked back. Early in his career, he admits he's inexperienced and learns from his students more than anything.

"I saw so many of them come into my class performing, you know, at the basic "the cat sat on the mat" level reading, and now they're reading very complex texts and comprehending them," Teut says.

When I was there, the focus on reading was very obvious. The kids were scattered around the room in different literacy stations, reading books and forming words.

"I try to do as few worksheets as possible in my room," Teut says. "And we stay out of our seats as much as possible. We're always moving around and I do a lot of reading. I'm always reading to the children and listening to them read to me."

Most importantly, he says he loves teaching the kids about Christ, but seeing them improve makes it all worth while.

"I love what I'm doing, and it's a blessing to be able to do what I do."

If you know a teacher like Mr. Teut, let us know. WREX/Rockford College Teacher of the Week nominations can be filled out at on our Teacher of the Week page.

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