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Banks left reeling after Schnucks security breach


It's estimated that thousands of debit and credit cards have been compromised after a security breach that has been linked to Schnucks stores.

The breach not only affects customers, but also their banks. The CEO of Montgomery Bank, Ken Witbrodt, says the bank has filed fraud claims for over 600 customers this month. Normally they file less than ten. Due to the high number of claims, the bank lost about $60,000 in March compared to the usual amount of $1,000 to $2,000.

"When you see this kind of high volume of activity, the most likely thing that has happened is there's been a data breach, meaning a hacker got into a database holding these card numbers from either some large retailer or sometimes it's from a credit card processing company," Witbrodt said.

Schnucks has not revealed how many customers had their information stolen and it's unclear whether or not the company is in possession of that information.

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