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Five names to appear on Loves Park ballot


Just 12 days from the general election, candidate signs are pop up in yards and parks all across the area.  One Loves Park ward has an exceptional amount of signage, representing a long list of names on the April 9th ballot.

Five men are all trying to land the seat of Loves park's third ward Alderman. Current Alderman Richard Brinker is not running for another term.  

The first man campaigning for the job, Robert Schlensker, a small business owner, wants to put his management skill to work for the city. "We have to watch every penny and every nickel and dime. You have to know exactly where it's going. and yeah we would love to repair the roads, do all the road work that you can but you have to take that money from one spot, move it to the road repairs. I think paying and keeping our public services like police, fire well maintained and staffed is more important," says Schlensker.  

Douglas Miller says cutting out the longevity pay the city gives to its employees would be at the top of his to-do list. "Over the last year, 2012, they paid out $174,000 in longevity pay. That's just money given away. And then they put that utility tax on us which I don't think they needed to do when they're paying out these longevity bonuses," says Miller.

The third candidate is the youngest on the ballot this election season. Eric Stromberg wants to pay extra attention to economic advancement in Loves Park. "The recent Woodward expansion is great but I think we to focus on our existing businesses and work with them to make them more successful," says Stromberg.

Finally,  Ron Adams hopes to be a mediator between the city and residents.  "I want to start having 'coffee with your alderman' the second Saturday of  every month. I'm going to invite the people of the 3rd ward to come talk to me and let me know what their issues are. A lot of people they don't want to call or 'we'll just let it go.' Don't let it go. I want to be your voice," says Adams

The fifth man campaigning for the position, Mark Rydberg, passed away unexpectedly March 18th. His name will still be on the April 9th ballot.

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