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Windsor Elementary's Mrs. Fuhr uses singing and music to teach her students


Our Teacher of the Week may not be a music teacher, but she does bring singing and rhythm into her 3rd grade classroom.

Windsor Elementary's Mrs. Stephanie Fuhr shows her students that learning to a beat can make lessons both fun and easier to remember.

Mrs. Stephanie Fuhr's 3rd grade class erupted with excitement when i walked through the door to present the Teacher of the Week award. In her 20th year in the classroom,she says they're the ones that keep her going.

"It's not a job to me," Mrs. Fuhr says. "It truly is something fun that I love. They keep me young, and as long as they're having fun, as long as they're smiling, then I know I'm doing my job."

She focuses everything on hands on projects... Counting money... Using smartboards...

"And then, you know, sometimes singing kind of helps," Fuhr says. "I can't sing but they do like it when I start to sing."

What kind of singing?

"I like to turn even 'I need a calculator' into a song. So it's fun."

The class got musical and gave me a taste of what they'd been practicing. From continents, to songs about test taking, there's a song for everything.

WREX even got a shout out in more ways than one, on paper, and to Mrs. Fuhr's favorite weather guy.

But beyond the shout outs, she truly loves her job.

"Everything. I love teaching. It's everything. It's who I am."

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