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East High School journalism teacher writes her way to a weekly honor


The world of news and media is constantly changing. East High School's journalism department embraces that. Mrs. Brittany Glidden teaches her students the ropes in our Teacher of the Week.

Mrs. Brittany Glidden has been writing for as long as she can remember. After spending years under the deadlines of her high school newspaper, and even as an Assignment Editor here at WREX, now she's giving her students the same opportunity.

"I try really hard to keep up to date on the current industry and try and make sure that everything that we do is real world and relevant, so that they can apply it to a career or college as soon as they graduate," says Glidden.

She teaches journalism, a class often seen as an outlet for students to get creative, as they write for the school paper, the year book, and even explore the world of photography.

"Up until this point in the year they've learned how to make a newspaper, how to write the different stories, how to do the layout and design aspects, how to do the photography and Photoshop," Glidden says. "So now they're putting it all together, and they're going to publish this issue of the school paper."

I got a sneak peek of the newest edition hot off the press.

"You get to make something that everyone else is gonna see, and put your own ideas out there and it's really cool," says Evan Stone, a freshman in Glidden's journalism class.

"You can take pictures of people and do photography and stuff like that because that's what I want to do," says Ladarius Cooper, another journalism student. "That's the career I want to be."

Glidden says she's glad her class excites students and gets them interested in the many aspects of journalism.

"I have several that are interested in specifically journalism, but a lot of others who get interested in graphic design or any kind of desktop publication or communications pathways," says Glidden.

If you know a teacher like Mrs. Glidden, let us know. WREX/Rockford College Teacher of the Week nominations can be filled out at wrex.com on our Teacher of the Week page.

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