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Brookview teacher uses out-of-the-box techniques to keep learning fun


Mrs. Rebecca Lindvall knew she wanted to be a teacher from a young age. After receiving her very own chalkboard for Christmas one year, that was it. Now after 35 years of teaching and a Golden Apple award on her shelf, Mrs. Lindvall has another honor to add to her resume, Teacher of the Week.

"This is just so exciting," Rebecca Lindvall, a 4th grade teacher at Brookview Elementary, says. "This is so cool! Thank you!"

Lindvall wasn't short of emotions when I surprised her in her classroom with the Teacher of the Week honor in front of her biggest fans, her fourth graders.

"I tell them at the beginning of the year I'm gonna treat you like your my own," Lindvall says. "I'm a grandma now. I used to say I'm a mom and I'll treat them like a child, but then I also say along with that love means sometimes I'm disappointed in you. Sometimes I'm sad with what is happening. Sometimes I'm even a little angry."

But with more love than anger, Linda leads her students in unique lessons, that she says are outside of the box.

"We might do it with role play," Lindvall says. "We might put on a production. We might do it with making like a flip book chart instead of writing the vocabulary out. We might do it in partners instead of individually, and just change up the day a little bit, so it's not boring."

Also a little out of the ordinary, the color pen she uses to correct papers. Lindvall says she never uses red. Instead, she chooses green.

"Green means go, and red means stop," she says. "And when you make a mistake, that is your signal to go. You go find out what's wrong and correct it. So we always use green."

And with endless accolades that tell her story, Lindvall says she feels right at home, and makes sure her students do too.

"There's a place for everybody," Lindvall says. "Regardless of your reading level, regardless of your religion, race, age, it doesn't matter, there's a place for you, and I think they all realize that."

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