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Maud Johnson Elementary teacher gets well deserved honor


The duties of teachers often get down-played, but after this week's fatal school shooting in Connecticut, school administrators across the country, including here in Rockford, give thanks, showing great appreciation for the role teachers play in the lives of students.

Lisa Smith, a special education teacher at Maud Johnson Elementary, is one of those teachers. Her students and their parents can't thank her enough, as she's awarded the Teacher of the Week honor.

"It's nice to know that what you do impacts the lives of the kids and their families," says Lisa Smith, the K through 2nd grade special education teacher at Maud Johnson.

Her students have a variety of different needs, but ones thing for sure, they adore Miss Smith. Through reading and singing, she teaches them life lessons, getting them closer to future independence.

"I feel like all my kids are able to succeed, and try to push them to their potential," Smith says. "And we just try to do everything we can to help them meet the goals that other people may not think they could meet."

They sang me a few songs while I was there, proving to be pros when it came to colors.

Principal Amber Miller says Smith's passion for her students deserves recognition, and she's happy that she's finally received it.

"We don't always see self contained teachers being nominated for teachers of the week, and I think it's fantastic that we are spreading the news about what they do to help their students and try to make them active participants in our community," says Principal Miller.

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