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Concordia Lutheran teacher sees award as an honor for her school


Mrs. Katrina Gritzmacher was pleasantly surprised, during Concordia's weekly chapel time, when we presented her with the Teacher of the Week honor, in front of the entire student body and staff. Immediately after accepting it, she couldn't help but mention her students.

"I love the kids," Gritzmacher says. "And they have such wonderful ways of teaching me new things too."

Having taught at Concordia as a first and second grade teacher for seven years, Gritzmacher's award isn't just something she's thankful for though. Her entire school sees it as a blessing.

"It sends a really positive message not only to the students and staff here at Concordia, but i think it will send a message out to the community that we're here and we exist, and we're just happy for Mrs. Gritzmacher and the achievement that she had with this award," says Ken Blake, Concordia Lutheran's principal.

Her staff says she's a dynamic and caring teacher as well. I could tell, as she helped the students memorize Bible verses.

"She really makes a positive connection with each student," Blake says. "If one needs a little bit more help than another, then she'll give that student that extra help, and bring them to that level they need to, and that's wonderful about her."

Gritzmacher says above all, she wants her students to feel confident and comfortable.

"My intention is to help them feel at home, a comfort where's there's nothing they need to be afraid of," Mrs. Gritzmacher says. "For them to try their hardest and to know deep down that they will succeed in what they're doing."

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