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Father`s love goes a long way, as his daughter earns teaching honor


Jolyn Himes, a special education teacher at Beyer Elementary, didn't know exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up, but after an experience with kids, she knew right then, that teaching was the perfect job for her.

"My dad knows how hard that work, and he sees me put my blood, sweat, and tears into my job, and it just means a lot to me that he would do something so sweet for me," says Jolyn Himes.

Himes has been teaching for five years, and thanks to her dad's nomination, she earns our Teacher of the Week honor. But if you ask kids who their favorite teacher is, her name might not come up. That's because she only teaches a select group of kids each day, to offer extra help for those who need it, in math and reading.

"I had an experience where I worked with some students with some pretty profound disabilities, and I just felt a calling," Himes says. "And I knew that I could do it, and I wanted to change these students lives."

Her students visit her in small blocks of time each day. 30 minutes here. 30 minutes there, during classes that might be challenging for them. Mrs. Himes gives them different activities to do, so each student has an opportunity to succeed. Principal Toni Gagliano says the students adore Mrs. Himes, and often think of her when they're having problems.

"Some students have a challenging day or what have you, and just want to go see Mrs. Himes," says Principal Gagliano. "We all understand what that means because of her calm nature."

"I really listen to them," Himes says. "And I want to know the details of their lives, know about their brothers and sisters, and once I've built that relationship with them, it's easy for them to trust me, and to understand how they think and they know how I think, and that helps me get my lessons across."

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