Winnebago County voting machines pass test run - – Rockford’s News Leader

Winnebago County voting machines pass test run

No matter who you vote for on Election Day, the Winnebago County Clerk's Office has to make sure it counts.

Office employees did a test run of the AccuVote and TSX machines, the same ones that will be used November 6. You may remember during the March primary, the office had trouble counting votes because the paper ballots were too big to feed into the machines. Winnebago County Clerk Margie Mullins says there will not be a problem this time.

"We had machinery changed out, new machinery put in. And they have added more checks and balances to their routine of making sure the ballots are the correct size before they even shrink wrap them and send them to us," says Mullins.

Early voting begins Monday in Illinois.

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