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Orangeville teacher earns Teacher of the Week honor after students nominate her


Ipads, catapults, and even thumb tacks. Just a few unusual tools an Orangeville teacher uses to keep her classroom engaged. And two of her current students think she's pretty cool. That's why they chose to nominate Mrs. Daughenbaugh for the Teacher of the Week honor.

"I was speechless. And they told me it's the first time I've ever been speechless," Mrs. Daughenbaugh said, after receiving the Teacher of the Week honor.

Orangeville administrators sent her on a walk around the school, to stall, while her students and I prepared to surprise her in her classroom; a room full of kids who think Mrs. Daughenbaugh rocks.

"They say she's definitely the funnest teacher they've had, and the boys all say she's really awesome," said Cali Diddens, one of Mrs. Daughenbaugh's 5th grade students.

Cali and her brother nominated Mrs. Daughenbaugh. They say she does fun activities, especially in science, something Cali's brother has grown to like.

"He never really liked school that much," Cali said. "But he definitely loves science now. It's really fun for him I think."

And when we were in the classroom, the kids were working with thumb tacks. It sounds dangerous, but it was for a math activity, dealing with probability.

And Mrs. Daughenbaugh's main motivator during her 11 years teaching, the kids' happiness.

"If you don't see a smile on their faces, then you're not sure they're having fun," said Mrs. Daughenbaugh. "And to me, that's a day wasted. And my goal is to make sure they have fun and to enjoy their day and to learn what they need to learn. And we do that, and we have a good time."

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