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Belvidere South Language Arts teacher earns honor


Most of the time, we get our Teacher of the Week nominations from students, but this one came from one of their parents.

"I love what I do. I love my students. And I'm glad somebody recognized it and appreciated it," says Mrs. Gadomski, a Belvidere South Middle School teacher, and this week's Teacher of the Week.

Mrs. Gadomski has been teaching for six years. And this year, her efforts aren't going unnoticed. A former student's mother wrote in her nomination.

"We always like an opportunity to recognize staff member's work with kids because they do do great work with kids each day and they don't get enough pats on the back," says Principal Ben Commare. "They do work very hard everyday and I'm lucky enough to work with them everyday."

As a Language Arts teacher, focusing on Reading and English, Mrs. Gadomski is a favorite among the students.

"I just think I'm one in the group and the kids appreciate that, at least most of them," Mrs. Gadomski jokes.

But Principal Commare says what sets her apart is her extra attention to detail. She put in a lot of work this past summer to get the new Language Arts curriculum in place.

"As a younger staff member, she really works well with her colleagues who have many more years of experience with her," says Principal Commare. "But they work step in step and really do well together, and she puts a ton of time in for kids and it shows."

Mrs. Gadomski says she's enjoying this year already, with a new addition to the classroom, besides her new students.

"This year we got smart boards," she says. "And we're all loving that technology. And actually they're teaching me what to do. So I think it's really great for them to be the teacher as well."

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