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Teacher of the Week: Mrs. Heck


One Holy Family Catholic School teacher's creativity in the classroom helps her stand out with her students.

Mrs. Gloria Heck is described by her students as fun, creative, and a great artist. She also doesn't give a lot of homework, which is appreciated by her third graders.

"She not only pushes them to be the very very best they can be, whether that be an A or a C," Holy Family Catholic School Principal Becky Schmitt says. "Also spiritually, she's a great role model."

Mrs. Heck's been at Holy Family for 28 years. She started as an art teacher, but wanted to do it all.

"Bringing life to kids, teaching them how to read, bringing them into new worlds, teaching them math and not to be afraid of the numbers, it's just now that my children are grown, it's just my family," she says.

She hit a bump in the road last summer, however, after her husband passed away. But she knew what she needed in her life.

"I had two weeks to decide what to do last year, and I had to come," Mrs. Heck says. "It was my saving grace to come back to school."

She says the kids keep her going, and so do her fun activities like monkey games to keep the kids well behaved, and even her science projects.

"Mom and dad bring in the ingredients and the whole class watches it," Schmitt explains. "They have to learn step by step what to do. And I go in and watch those quite often. They're fun to watch."

The faculty say she's known for her calmness in teh classroom, and her kind heart. Mrs. Heck says getting recognized for something like this means the world to her.

"Everytime you get a personal affirmation, like somebody pats you on the back, it helps you to be stronger, better yet than you are, and I won't forget it," she says.

Mrs. Heck has no plans to stop teaching anytime soon. She says she does it for the kids.


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