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Public gives opinion on GreenTek Charter School

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Community members get a chance to discuss what could be Rockford's newest charter school. But not before school board members and administrators got to ask some questions of their own. Board representatives had two hours worth of questions before the public could even speak.

Board members discussed GreenTek Charter School's application with Comprehensive Community Solutions, or CCS, representative Kerry Knodle, who's also a GreenTek advocate. GreenTek is a career-based high school for 17 to 21 year olds. Topics like the school's budget, possible extracurricular activities, special education program, and the main differences between Rockford's YouthBuild program and GreenTek all came up prior to community members speaking their minds about the potential new school. Board members have asked Knodle for a budget revision, but said they wouldn't take any action on whether or not to approve GreenTek's application until September 25th. When the public was finally allowed to give their opinions, there were mixed feelings about the idea of a new charter school.

"I'm very supportive of it because it's a wonderful program, and it's a program that helps youth, and it's a program where whatever effort you put into it, is what you get out of it" -says Taiiwan Love, who earned his GED with the help of Rockford's YouthBuild program.

"I feel that the limited resources that are available to the YouthBuild program are better used on YouthBuild, rather than trying to spread out time and resources, both man power and cash, into other areas such as a charter school." -says GreenTek opponent, and former CCS board member Michael Shalbrack.

Board members can expect to see a budget revision from Knodle by the middle of next week.

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