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Christian Life Schools Miss Fickbohm kicks off this year's "Teacher of the Week"


There's no better way to kick off this school year's "Teacher of the Week" segment than with a whole school assembly.

The entire Christian Life Schools community congratulated Miss Suzanne Fickbohm for her Teacher of the Week Award. She's taught kindergarten there for more than 20 years. Miss fickbohm says she can't believe she's appreciated so much.

"It's something I just do everyday," says Fickbohm. "It's just what I do. And to get a recognition for that is just a great honor. It's just something I never would've thought would happen."

A parent nominated her, after her daughter had a memorable experience in Miss Fickbohm's class last year.

"We often celebrate all the little fun things that she's doing and trying in her classroom with her kids," says Christian Life Schools Principal Christine Golembiesky. "And it's amazing just to see that love for learning in her, because it really exuberates out of her. And she just loves what she does."

Little fun things like making astronaut costumes, and even astronaut ice cream.

"She makes the learning come alive, and I think that's what's so incredible about her," says Principal Golembiesky.

Miss Fickbohm says her love of teaching started at a young age, teaching her neighborhood friends things she learned at school. Now she does that with her students.

"You just want to give of yourself to the boys and girls, and do all you can and take them as far as you can take them," says Fickbohm. "The resources are unlimited and you just want to take them to new places that they've never been before."

Being in the classroom, you can already see this year's kids adore her. Miss Fickbohm says she relies on the Lord for creativity, since His, she says, is endless.

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