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Paul Ryan's neighbors react to news of his appointment as VP GOP candidate


Being a U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan already spends a lot of time in our nation's capital, but when he's not in Washington he's just up the road in Janesville, Wisconsin.

"Helpful people... good people... solid people."

Joan Rossiter was born and raised in Janesville, same as Paul Ryan.

She heard the news through a phone call from her son and says Ryan's leadership gives people in her age bracket something to look forward to.

"A lot of people my age are concerned and we're looking for hope and so the minute I got off the phone I called other people who I've talked to and they're very positive. They're thinking positive and that's good to hear."

Another neighbor, across the street from Ryan, shares opposite opinions from the Republican Congressman.
She believes a 2010 Supreme Court ruling created corruption in politics that Romney and Ryan will use to their advantage.

"I think what's happened is the Citizens United decision has made it possible for corporations and foreign governments to donate infinite amounts of money.  And they donate the money to a candidate who will support their ends... which is making money, and that doesn't necessarily benefit the citizens of this country," said neighbor Jennifer Bleak.

But everyone seems to agree on the fact that he's a friendly approachable person to have next door.

One couple, who wouldn't go on camera, but do live just two houses down from Paul Ryan. says they hope he's as good to his country as he is to his neighbors.

Joan Rossiter thinks that he and his family will be.

"They truly and sincerely are outstanding people and an outstanding family and we're just really proud to have them right here."

Ryan's selection as potential V.P. will be ratified at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida during the week of August 27th.

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