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Freeport Sensata workers rally to keep jobs


Sensata workers are at it again, fighting for their jobs that plan to be shipped over seas by November. But after Congress shut down the "Bring Jobs Home Act", the protesting may not help them.

Group chants and signs lined Forest Hills Road, crowding the entrance of Forest Hills Country Club, where Representative Bobby Schilling and Speaker John Boehner hosted a fundraiser.

"They work for us," Tom Gaulrapp, a Sensata worker, says. "They work at the pleasure of the people of the United States of America and the people of their district, and if they don't want do what's best for the people of the district, and to help the working families, then in November we're just gonna have to find somebody that will."

Workers feel ignored, especially after Schilling's camp showed support for the "Bring Jobs Home" bill, then went the opposite way by turning it down.

"They said that they're here to support us in the United States, so support us," Freeport resident, Cassandra Jamison says.

And they aren't getting answers, at least not right now. Both Boehner and Schilling said no to media at the country club event. This was after not telling anyone they would even be in town.

"One of the gentleman here today has three little girls, and he's a single parent," Gaulrapp says. "And what do these guys across the street in this private country club tell us? You know, they can't say, 'Oh that's just the way it is.' Because that's not the way it is."

I spoke with Representative Schilling's communications director. All I got was an email statement saying "Bobby has focused on promoting small businesses, cutting back on job-killing, and strengthening our manufacturing sector". Sensata workers say they would like to see him back that up.

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