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Governor Quinn throws support behind Sensata workers

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Illinois Governor Pat Quinn visits Freeport in an effort to send a message to Congress about keeping jobs here.

The Governor stopped by to support Sensata workers who are set to lose their jobs once the company closes and moves it's jobs overseas.  
Quinn hopes the Bring Jobs Home Act can provide enough benefits to keep jobs here and help the state's economy.

"This is actually the second time in two years I've lost my job to China."

Cheryl Randecker is one of 170 Sensata workers who will be unemployed when the company leaves Freeport and ships jobs out of the country.

"It hurts because you work and work and you try to make a good living and then it's like a slap in the face from corporations all they want is the money, the greed. Let's make a profit for the stockholders who cares about the people that are actually making the money," said Randecker.

Governor Quinn wants Congress to pass the Bring Jobs Home Act.
The bill provides tax credits to companies who take jobs back from overseas and stops credits for companies outsourcing.

He tells us there are many reasons businesses should stay stateside.

"The cost of transportation, the loss of intellectual property the fact that the workers just don't measure up. Those are big detriment to being in a foreign place," said Quinn.

Quinn isn't the only Illinois politician pushing the bill.
US Senator Dick Durbin is a sponsor. The bill is on hold in the Senate.

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