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Northern Illinois Girl Scouts fight bullying in upcoming film


Girl scouts step up in the fight against bullies, and the message is clear. Stop the bullying.

And this group of Girl scouts can relate, both in front of the camera and away from it, as the filming of the upcoming movie, "I Am the Music" is in full swing.

"Bullying and mean girls is almost at epidemic proportions in our society," says Joe Arco, 'I Am the Music' Producer/Director. "And I'm really pleased that with the amaze journey of the girl scouts, they're really taking this message and taking it to the girls."

With the movie set to screen in early September, girl scouts across Illinois hope to encourage and help young girls.

"I hope it shows them that they can join an organization like a church youth group or girl scouts or a dance class, and everyone can find their niche," says Emily Bettler, the lead in the movie.

Fourteen year old Emily Bettler is Jenny, in the movie, along with several other girl scouts who auditioned for parts. She learns from her onscreen friends, Lucia and Kim, that she can overcome bullies.

"She was able to realize that like, everyone can do something special with their life," Bettler says. "And I think it's more to inspire people and show them that they're stronger than the bullies."

Director and producer, Joe Arco, has the girls doing some crazy stunts all over Rockford. From transforming Boylan Catholic High School into an all-girls school, to filming scenes under the trees of Camp McCormick.

"Our pre-production actually started in the latter part of May, and we commenced shooting in June," Arco says. "We'll be finishing principle photography this week and some pick ups next week. Then we're done. Then we start editing."

The girl scouts hope to screen the movie all over Illinois and eventually take it to the national level at Girl Scouts USA.

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