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Freeport automotive workers protest job outsourcing


In an attempt to draw Romney from his campaign stop in Janesville, a group of automotive workers rally in Freeport.

But the group didn't want to offer their support of the presidential candidate.

On top of a notification that their jobs are moving to China, Sensata Technologies employees hear they must train their replacements.

Now with Mitt Romney just across the border the group learns their company is formerly owned by Bain Capital, the presidential candidate's cash-cow.

"Create the jobs. Let's just keep them here. Let's stop moving the stuff overseas," said Cheryl Randecker.

Sensata technologies' employees head straight from their shift to the street in efforts to grab Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's attention.

With more than 150 jobs being outsourced to China from the plant in Freeport, employees question his ability to mend the job market.

"Keep jobs in the U.S., put our kids to work and put us back to work not just on minimum wage jobs but on good paying jobs that you can actually raise a family on," said Cheryl Randecker, an employee, losing her job.

Former employees join the effort as well.

"It makes you mad," said Richard Homan, formerly employed by Sensata.

Richard Homan worked at Sensata for 37 years. Then, he too, found out his position is going abroad.

"It affects all the communities around here. We all come from smaller towns and come here to work. It's going to affect everyone," he said.

Richard has remained jobless since his layoff two years ago. Many of his friends are losing their jobs now evoking memories of the day that still haunts him.

"They just come and get you, take you to HR and tell you your jobs being eliminated and they walk you to the door like a common criminal," said Homan.

Protesters say companies like Bain Capital are killing jobs by outsourcing and layoffs.

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