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Struggling Economy Has Many Worried About What's Next


NBC News

Overseas, a rocky start for markets as Americans wonder what's next for the limping U.S. economy: oil near a $142 a barrel, the Dow at a two-year low, and worries about wages, gone on arrival to higher gas and food prices.

Business owner Beverly Fox says, "my biggest concern is my employees and their loss of income. Their result in loss of income and their ability to adjust to it."

What can Washington do? Actor and economist Ben Stein says balance the budget. In the New York Times, the well-known conservative blames the U.S. deficit for weakening the U.S. dollar and sending up the price of oil which is set in dollars. Stein says a political pact to erase the deficit, even he says if it meant tax hikes for the rich, would bring oil prices down.

On a personal scale, experts say a financial adviser could help answer a common question. "What should I be doing what can I be doing that can drive positive returns in this absolutely terrible economy," said Gary Hager of Integrated Wealth Management.

A challenge these days, from the smallest bank account to the biggest bottom line.

Data on manufacturing and U.S. car sales are due out Tuesday and payroll numbers come out Thursday. Any signs of life in the economy will help relieve concern for investors heading into the second half of the year.

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