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New meteor reports near Janesville this morning

SULLIVAN, WI (WREX/AP) - The National Weather Service says it received a number of reports of possible meteor sightings early Monday morning.

The weather service says its Sullivan office got a call from Rock County 911 dispatchers about sightings by two citizens and a sheriff's deputy. They said a bright green or blue light, followed by a flash could be seen north of Janesville around 4:00 a.m.

Dane County dispatchers also received a call with a similar description. The weather service says it didn't pick anything up on radar.

And, the National Weather Service office in Duluth, Minn., received a call from the Iron County Sheriff's Department reporting a citizen who saw a bright flash and then "something glowing in the woods."

Last month, a meteor went streaking across the Midwest. Several cameras captured the huge streak of light in the sky and a few people have found pieces of rock that may have been from the meteor.

So far no images from this latest reported sighting have been released.

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