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13 Investigates: Rockford pedestrians more likely to get hit on certain roads

Nearly 25 percent of all crashes involving pedestrians in Rockford happened on one of three roads. A lack of infrastructure is partially to blame, but 13 Investigates found there's more to it than that. 


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13 Investigates: Drinking water contamination and the government study that was never released Video included

What if the water you drank was full of dangerous chemicals and you had no idea? That was the reality for thousands of people in Rockford decades ago. The problem has since been fixed but the question still remains: is their health at risk?


13 Investigates: What happens when a retailer shuts down, but you have a credit card?

Almost every major retailer you can think of offers a store credit card. 


13 Investigates: What you need to know when it comes to ordinance violations

A viewer reached out to 13 Investigates looking for help after he received a code violation from the City of Rockford.  


13 Investigates: Is Illinois's opioid helpline making a difference?

Last December, Governor Bruce Rauner signed off on a Opioid Helpline for the state.


13 Investigates: Are you being scammed in to high energy bills?

When a Freeport woman  saw how much her electric bill jumped she knew something was wrong. She couldn't get answers from her supplier or Com Ed so she turned to 13 Investigates. What we found out is she's one of many across Illinois getting overcharged and potentially scammed.


13 Investigates: Family searches for answer after living in Rockford's superfund site

Rockford, 1981: Residents who live on a small piece of land along the southeast side of the city have no idea their drinking water is contaminated.


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