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Inspiring 815: Keri Nelson Video included

A few homes on Carol Place in Rockford may be under construction now, but soon they will be home to some lucky families. That's all because of Rockford Area Habitat For Humanity. 


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Inspiring 815: Pat "The Cat" Coleman Video included

 Pat "The Cat" Coleman id a legend in the ring. "I became pro at the age of 19." He is also a part of the Illinois Boxing Hall of Fame.


Inspiring 815: Carly Rice Video included

A traumatic and turbulent background lead Carly Rice to Rockford. "My story is that of child abuse, molestation,neglect, rape, prostitution, drug addiction, jails, institutions. All of those things." said Rice.


Inspiring 815: Lennox Barnett Video included

Lennox Barnett has always dreamed of playing music in front of a crowd of people. "I thought I would be traveling and putting on concerts all over." But the crowds he plays in front of now, are a little different than he planned. 


Inspiring 815: Adrienne Walker Video included

The Jubilee Drop in Center is for people that are mentally ill, people that are homeless. We provide them a place to come during the day, get off the streets.


Inspiring 815: Daniel Persinger

"My dream job was to be firefighter." Daniel Persinger was on track to become a full time firefighter. "I was an explorer for North Park Fire and for New Milford Fire." said Persinger. Until 2012 when he was diagnosed with Muscular Distrophy.


Inspiring 815: Bella Francis Video included

After Bella Francis was born, she spent 2 weeks in the NICU for breathing issues, and she kept getting sicker.


Inspiring 815: Ruth Fairchild

It started out simple, 24 years ago. It was a way for Ruth Fairchild to get to know her new community at Zion Lutheran Church in Rockford.


Inspiring 815: Judge Patrick Yarbrough Video included

Judge Patrick Yarbrough has been a judge in the Rockford Juvenile Court System for the past eleven years. but his roots in the city started long before that. 


Inspiring 815: Conner Young Video included

Imagine walking 22 miles in one day. Now, add an extra 25 pounds of weight. That's what 17-year-old Conner Young did on Saturday to help raise awareness for veteran suicide. 


Inspiring 815: Barbara Olson Center of Hope Video included

Carm Herman has worked at the Barbara Olson Center of Hope for the past 23 years.  


Inspiring 815: Dennis Nelson Video included

Honey is a 12 week old golden retriever and yellow lab mix, and she's training to be a guide dog. 


Inspiring 815: John and Linda Underwood Video included

The Underwood's spend most of their days at Swedish American Hospital in Rockford. But every six months, they take their vacation out of the country and volunteer. 


Inspiring 815: Stephanie Hicks Video included

Winnebago County Animal Services is an open intake shelter, which means it can't turn any animal away. But keeping up with number of animals coming in, can be difficult to maintain.


Inspiring 815: Xavier Whitford Video included

Losing a child is one of the hardest things a parent can experience.  "You don't ever get over it." 


Inspiring 815: Deann Anderson Video included

Deann Anderson has been the owner of Stonewall Cafe in Pecatonica for 20 years. A quaint restaurant, with a large side project. 


Inspiring 815: Pat Ambrose Video included

Honoring those who have served.  "Of course. 25th infantry." said local veteran, Henry Robinson.  It's something many people strive to do, from Veteran's Day and honoring those who have fallen, to thanking someone for their service; there are many ways to honor a veteran. "As much as I do, it's not enough. I need to do a lot more." said Pat Ambrose, the Executive Director of the Veteran Drop-In Center. One Rockford woman is stepping up,... More>>

Inspiring 815: Reggie Tillmon Video included

Reggie Tillmon has worked his same job at Woodward in Loves Park for the last 33 years. And while he's on the clock for the company from 9-5 every day, once he's off the clock, his work helping those in need begins.  


Inspiring 815: Kids Around The World Video included

"We build playgrounds around the world, so we bring joy to children in different countries, and here locally in the Rockford area." 


Inspiring 815: Project Search Video included

Starting a job once you're out of school can take a while, and be a rigorous process.. So, Project Search is a program in our community aiming to help people with disabilities get their foot in the door, and start their professions. 


Inspiring 815: Latisha Marks Video included

Latisha Marks has always loved kids. but when she became a young mom, she says it dawned on her that there weren't a lot of resources for them in the area. 


Inspiring 815: Chad Hargraves Video included

Cancer is a disease no one wants to ever experience, but those affected by it know it is extremely tough on your body physically, and emotionally. That's where Pink Heals volunteers come in, to support the community and those impacted by the disease. But one volunteer is taking his support to the next level. 


Inspiring 815: Jim McIlroy Video included

When Jim McIlroy started his health journey, Rockford was number 4 on Forbes List of Most Obese Cities in the Country. Now, it's number 10.


Inspiring 815: 'Freeport Future' founder James Cooley Video included

James Cooley Jr. James Cooley Jr.

Working with kids can be a rewarding job for many educators, but sometimes their job ends once the bell rings. That's not the case for one basketball coach in Freeport. 


INSPIRING 815: Honoring those who make our area a better place to live Video included

Civility. It's a word that many of us have heard, but unfortunately, something not all of us practice on a daily basis.  


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