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TODAY'S TALK: Super Bowl Recap

If you tuned into to see the Patriots hoist the Super Bowl trophy last night, you weren't alone. More>>

13 News Today tests the best wings in the Rockford area

While players are gearing up for the big game, Sunday, wing lovers are preparing for a night known for the massive consumption of chicken wings. More>>

13 News Today prepares for the Super Bowl

For the past week, the 13 News Today crew has been suiting up and preparing for Super bowl Sunday. More>>

TODAY'S TALK: The effects of TV binge-watching on your social life

You may want to take a break from the remote and hop off the couch. More>>

TODAY'S TALK: A zoo gives people a way to get back at their ex

While Valentines Day may be a time for love birds to demonstrate their affection for each other, one zoo is helping those alone this holiday to get even with their ex. More>>

TODAY'S TALK: Super Bowl Eats

Superbowl isn't just a day for football enthusiasts. More>>

TODAY'S TALK: If you had one last meal, what would it be?

Have you ever thought about what you would want to eat for your last meal?\ More>>

TODAY'S TALK: Man gets fined for eating a cheeseburger while driving

MARIETTA, Ga. (AP) — A man says enjoying a double quarter-pounder with cheese as he cruised down a highway outside Atlanta got him in trouble with the law — and a ticket for eating while driving.Madison Turner of Alabama told WSB-TV that the officer told him three times:

TODAY'S TALK: A five-year-old boy is fined for missing a birthday party

A young boy get's an unpleasant surprise, after he missed a birthday party. More>>

TODAY'S TALK: It's National Soup Month

Get out your bowls and your favorite soups spoons because it's National Soup Month. More>>

TODAY'S TALK: Have you ever had something valuable returned to you after losing it?

Quite the find. A man in San Fransisco receives an unexpected call. 35 years ago, he lost his class ring while surfing.

TODAY'S TALK: National Dress Your Pet up Week

Grab your cat, dog, hamster, or even turtle because today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day.

TODAY'S TALK: Should kids have to do school work from home on snow days

Just like adults can now work from home, technology may soon eliminate snow days for children. 13 News Today wants to know what you think.

13 News takes part in a day of caring for a Strong Neighborhoods House

Today,13 News took part in a media day of caring with The United Way of Rock River Valley. Local media worked together to clean up the inside of one of the United Way's Strong Neighborhoods Houses.  More>>

Two Men and a Truck talk back to college moving tips

As the summer winds down, many Rockford area high school graduates are heading to college. Some say it's hard knowing what to bring and how to pack up all their stuff. More>>

Woman charged with a hit and run after crashing into two homes

Rockford police say that a four-door car hit a vacant house in the 600 block of Hartford Avenue. The car then hit the home next door, which had three people living in it. More>>

Angie's List: Keeping your garbage disposal up to par

It's every dinner host's worst nightmare, a clogged kitchen sink. Don't let this happen to you. More>>

NASA finds a mysterious pyramid-like structure on planet Ceres

NASA's dawn probe has spotting something interesting on the surface of Ceres, the dwarf planet that lies in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. More>>

Man shot on Rockford's east side Thursday morning

A man is shot on Rockford's east side around 1:30 Thursday morning at David's Corner on 702 7th Street. More>>

GPS Farmers Market opens Thursday

The outdoor GPS Farmers Market will open this Thursday. The event runs from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.; live music starts at 5 p.m. More>>

Where You Live: Ronald Reagan Boyhood Home

The 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, grew up in Dixon. More>>

Non-profit aiming to help young Rockford girls will host a fashion show Saturday

KFACT (Keeping Families and Communities Together) is a non-profit youth development and mentoring organization geared to alleviate gaps among young ladies attending Rockford Public Schools.

Teacher of the Week: Mrs. Erbe and Mrs. Sundberg

Teachers are touching the lives of their students every day they are in the classroom, and some students say they want to acknowledge them for the hard work that they do. More>>

WHERE YOU LIVE: WREX is LIVE at 5&6 from the Summerfield Zoo

Tune in tonight at 5 & 6 as WREX takes our newscasts LIVE for our Where You Live tour. 13 News' Sean Muserallo will broadcast from the Summerfield Zoo. More>>

Chief Black Hawk statue on endangered landmark list

Photo taken by Elwood Mott Photo taken by Elwood Mott

The Chief Black Hawk statue near Oregon is officially a top 10 endangered landmark in Illinois. More>>

WREX will be LIVE at Summerfield Zoo ahead of opening

Summerfield Zoo will still open as planned even after a devastating tornado killed two animals and damaged fences and sheds. More>>

WREX will be 'Where You Live'

We here at WREX are excited to announce we're back for our "Where You Live" tour! We'll be in your county during the next five weeks in an effort to thank and spend more time with our communities!  More>>

Alzheimer's Association to host 'Unforgettable Art'

The Alzheimer's Association Greater Illinois Chapter is hosting its 12th annual "Unforgettable Art: An Affair for Alzheimer's" Saturday, April 18. More>>

Rockford high school students get a chance to take flight

Jefferson and Guilford high schools are offering an elective for students in aviation. More>>

Dixon Boston Terrier wins 'Best of Breed' at Westminster

A Dixon "resident" is a bit of a celebrity in town after winning Best of Breed this year at the Westminster Dog Show. More>>

Freeport dyslexia center aims to help children overcome the condition

Dyslexia affects 1 out of every 5 people, and a facility in Freeport is working to help children and their families overcome this condition. More>>

Sweetest Sweetheart

Are you looking for a special way to express your love this Valentines Day? More>>

CHILI COOK-OFF: Submit your recipe for the WREX chili cook-off!

Submit your best chili recipe to chilicookoff@wrex.com. A WREX employee could end up cooking it for our 13 News Today Super Bowl Sunday Chili Cook-Off!  More>>

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