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Tornado aftermath in Caledonia

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By Elizabeth Fay

CALEDONIA (WREX) - A tornado disaster is too familiar to a homeowner on Caledonia Road in Caledonia. Monday's twister was the second tornado to hit her family. The one in Belvidere in 1967 killed her sister. "It's obviously very vivid in her mind. To have to go through something like this, family wise was certainly very, very traumatic," says Bill Roop, President of Alpine Bank where the homeowner works.

She is one of a few people without a home tonight. "There's four homes unlivable. Right now we are doing the basic damage assessment throughout the county. The Village of Caledonia was the place where there was the most impact, most families. Outside of the village there's probably about 12 or 13 other homes, barns, property damage," says Boone County Emergency Manager, Sandra Rogers.

Emergency crews continue to survey the damage and figure out the tornado's financial impact. Meanwhile, the American Red Cross estimates 40 homes with damage.

"We had part of the house renovated. Matter of fact yesterday we had the carpet guys just put new carpeting in. Blew the windows in. Now there's glass, mud and water all over the carpet. My wife only walked on it for like ten minutes," says Roger Hoopengarner whose house suffered damages.

Some people expect in time, they'll find even more damage. "I know we are going to have water when it starts and they say it's suppose to rain and snow. So we'll deal with it," says Hoopengarner.


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