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Teacher of the Week: Dermot Dolan, Durand Junior High

In the small community of Durand, life revolves around farming. For Dermot Dolan, so does teaching. 


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Teacher of the Week: Kathy Jerbi, Belvidere High School

It's lights, camera, and action at Belvidere High School in Mrs. Jerbi's journalism class.  Not your typical classroom but one filled with computers, cameras and collaboration.  


Teacher of the Week: Abigail Ernest, Perry Elementary School

Perry Elementary School is a building that was built over 117 years ago in Belvidere. Inside the old school house, is a teacher innovating towards the future.  


Teacher of the Week: Amber Dargel- Stone Creek School Video included

At Stone Creek School in Roscoe a change in the lives of Amber Dargels special needs students is clear.  "They are excelling amazingly since the beginning of the year," said Dargel.  It's Dargels first year teaching at Stone Creek but her passion for special needs students was planted much earlier.  "It's always just kind of been in me," said Dargel. "Working with my cousin who has special need, I've always had a passion for this population.&... More>>

Teacher of the Week: Breanne Fransen- St. Peter School

It's a typical day at St. Peter's School in Rockford. A typical day, meaning no two days are the same with a class full of 4th graders. 


Teacher of the week: Joanna Heffner- Playtown Pre-School

Joanna Heffner is a pre-school teacher at Playtown Pre-School Center in Rockford. The longtime teacher uses her energy to keep up with her energized 3 and 4 year old's. 


Teacher of the Week: Cory Park- Rockford Christian School

Cory Park is a 3rd grade teacher at Rockford Christian Elementary School.


Teacher of the Week: Mike Winebrenner- North Boone HS

This week is homecoming week at North Boone High School. A fun week for students as they gear up for the big football game on Friday and the dance this weekend.  


Teacher of the Week: Mike Grady- Boylan High School

Boylan Catholic High School has been around for the past 57 years. 27 of those years has featured Mike Grady in the classroom. 


Teacher of the Week: Mickey Ryall, Haskell Elementary School

Take a look inside Mickey Ryalls first grade class at Haskell Elementary School and you will find a group of squirmy, curious and overall goofy 6 year old's. Some might call it controlled chaos but Mrs. Ryall calls it home.  


Teacher of the Week: Courtney Samuelson, Ledgewood Elementary

Teacher Courtney Samuelson Teacher Courtney Samuelson

Courtney Samuelson is a special education teacher at Ledgewood Elementary School in Roscoe. For the past 11 years, she has been brightening those halls.  


Teacher of the Week: Brad Carlson - Guilford High

Brad Carlson - Guilford High Brad Carlson - Guilford High

Brad Carlson takes the extra time and makes the extra effort for his students at Guilford High School.  


Teacher of the Week: Amy Schmidt - Rockford Christian Elementary

Teacher Amy Schmidt Teacher Amy Schmidt

Every WREX takes the time to thank local teachers with our Teacher of the Week award. This week's winner is Amy Schmidt, second grade teacher at Rockford Christian Elementary School. 


Teacher of the Week - Bob Schweiger, St. Edward School

Bob Schweiger Bob Schweiger

For the past 18 years, Bob Schweiger has been a middle school teacher at St. Edward School in Rockford.  


Teacher of the Week: Heidi Heilman

At Riverdahl Elementary School in Rockford, teacher Heidi Heilman spends the morning teaching her 3rd graders. The lesson on this day, cause and effect. 


Teacher of the Week: Diana Kelly at Stephen Mack Middle School

The halls of Stephen Mack Middle School in Rockton are busy, filled with students with a lot of energy.  


Teacher of the Week: Kassi Thew

At Welsh Elementary School in Rockford, Kassi Thew is listing off words that describe different emotions.


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